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NxStage Kidney Care currently has an open position at our NxStage clinic.

Position Title: Center Director

City: Indianapolis, IN

Requisition Number: 17-0175

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Position Summary

The Clinic Manager is responsible for supervising and coordinating the smooth and effective daily operation of the Kidney Care Center in order to maintain a safe, efficient environment to provide optimum patient care following all regulatory and government standards for the ESRD population being served in the facility. The Clinic Manager is also responsible for providing an effective and comfortable teaching environment in which training and education for the patient is provided that he/she may carry out all necessary hemodialysis, home hemodialysis, CAPD and or CCPD functions in the clinic and or his/her home.

The Clinic Manager will assume responsibility of the Center 24 hours per day and will respond immediately as needed or designate an adequately trained staff member to delegate this responsibility if unavailable. The position is responsible for quality outcomes, patient satisfaction and safety within the facility.

The Clinic Manager is responsible for staff hiring, development and training; and maintaining employee records. He/she is responsible for the business management, teamwork, and culture and employee satisfaction within the center. He/she will be responsible for ensuring compliance with all state and federal regulations including OSHA, CMS, AAMI, HIPPA and having the Center survey ready 24/7 following the guidance set forth by the Conditions for Coverage for End-Stage Renal Disease Facilities.

The Clinic Manager will assume responsibility of the financial operation of the Center to meet budgetary goals as directed. He/she will be expected to understand, support, interpret and implement the philosophy and culture of the company and the policies and procedures of NxStage Kidney Care.


  • Demonstrates applicable knowledge of policies and procedures.
  • Coordinates and supervises patient care and daily operations of the dialysis facility.
    • Supervises and monitors all care and training delivered to the patients by ensuring all staff performs all aspects of the patient care in accordance with the Center’s policy and procedures as well as regulations set forth by state and federal agencies.
    • Ensures or assists in scheduling patients to maintain optimum staff / patient ratios in accordance with patient acuity and operational goals.
    • Maintains a safe environment by ensuring the staff utilize proper body mechanics and comply with all ESRD, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies
    • Is able to identify potential hazards and initiates corrections. Will take immediate action to ensure safety of anyone in the facility.
    • Supervise and assist in the development and performance of all emergency operational procedures, including evacuations, in the event of an emergency or disaster.
    • Supervise and participates in patient orientation and education.
    • Supervise and participates in Chronic Kidney Disease education, modality education, transplant education and referral as needed.
    • Monitors and participates in Interdisciplinary Patient Assessments and Plans of Care for timely completion and accuracy, delegating as needed. Attends patient care conferences as needed.
    • Ensures all patients are informed of his/her rights and responsibilities as a Kidney Care patient, and they are informed of the complaint and grievance process through the facility and the Renal Network.
    • Ensures every patient is treated with respect and courtesy at all times.
    • Ensures the safety and availability of equipment and technical systems though internal process and reporting.
    • Participates in clinic surveys and inspections by regulatory agencies and follows-up with recommendations and improvements.
    • Maintains a good working relationship with the Medical Director and all physicians on staff. Intervenes when needed to maintain effective working relationships between physicians and NxStage Kidney Care staff.
  • Provides leadership and gives direction and support to the staff for development and guidance in professional standards.
    • Recruits, interviews, and selects employees for approved positions with guidance from regional operation management as needed.
    • Ensures all staff has completed orientation and training per policy and documentation is completed as required.
    • Develops, participates and monitors the Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Plan.
    • Cooperates with the Social Worker and Renal Dietician to provide maximum utilization of resources to meet the needs of the patient and family or care partner.
    • Utilize the performance appraisal system to motivate and develop employees.
    • Always treats staff with respect and courtesy.
    • Maintains personnel records on all employees and records and tracks all necessary employee data.
    • Maintains confidentiality and sensitive issues of all employees.
    • Promotes positive customer relations in daily contact with physicians, visitors, hospitals, referral sources, patients and employees.
    • Delegates duties such that staff can function in the absence of the Clinic Manager.
  • Assumes responsibility and utilizes opportunities for personal and professional growth.
    • Promotes supports and adheres to all policies in the Human Resource Employee Handbook.
    • Seeks resources for direction when necessary
    • Completes clinical and corporate training program(s) to successfully master ESRD patient care for hemodialysis, PD, home hemodialysis management and business skills, leadership development, and gain confidence in listening and communication skills.
    • Participates in in-services and ongoing education to maintain nephrology certification and up to date understanding and skills in area of dialysis.
  • Machines, equipment and work aids
    • Responsible for maintaining a working knowledge of all hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and related ancillary and emergency equipment utilized in the facility such as: computer, sphygmomanometer, glucometer, hemodialysis machines, AED, PD cyclers, centrifuge, scales, IV infusion pump, suction machine, electronic thermometers, oxygen administration equipment, and personal protective equipment.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions:

  • Desk duties, including computer keyboard operations.
  • Moderate active work; including occasional lifting and carrying; walking and standing for considerable lengths of time, ability to perform patient care.
  • Talking and listening to communicate ideas or requirements to individual staff members, and effectively educate patients and staff.
  • Visual acuity to prepare and read written material accurately.
  • Audio acuity to listen attentively and accurately.
  • Ability to push, pull, mobilize (with assistance of wheels, carts, and other equipment) approximately 200 lbs.
  • Ability to work overtime as needed to complete general responsibilities.
  • Full use of all extremities with hand dexterity.
  • Ability to travel when necessary to meet needs of patient, team or corporation.

Education & Qualifications:

  • Graduate of an accredited school of nursing, Baccalaureate degree in nursing or health related field is preferred
  • Current active RN state licensure
  • Certification in Nephrology Nursing preferred
  • Have at least 12 months of experience in clinical nursing, and an additional 6 months of experience in providing nursing care to patients on maintenance dialysis.
  • Successful completion of training course in theory and practice of hemodialysis.
  • Successful completion of training course in theory and practice of peritoneal dialysis preferred.
  • ICU/CCU experience desirable.
  • Previous management/supervisory experienced desired. Effective verbal and written communication strengths are an expectation.
  • Excellent interpersonal, leadership, problem solving skills and conflict management expected.
  • Current CPR Healthcare Recognition according to the American Heart Association desired.
  • Computer skills and knowledge needed.
  • Valid driver’s license and insurance when using automobile to travel for business purposes, ability to travel.

NOTE: Reasonable accommodation will be made as necessary if an individual cannot meet the above requirements.

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